Careful Words

toe (n.)

toe (v.)

toe (adv.)

toe (adj.)

In the days when we went gypsying

A long time ago;

The lads and lassies in their best

Were dress'd from top to toe.

Edwin Ransford: In the Days when we went Gypsying.

Sport, that wrinkled Care derides,

And Laughter holding both his sides.

Come and trip it as ye go,

On the light fantastic toe.

John Milton (1608-1674): L'Allegro. Line 31.

Eye of newt and toe of frog,

Wool of bat and tongue of dog.

William Shakespeare (1564-1616): Macbeth. Act iv. Sc. 1.

  The age is grown so picked that the toe of the peasant comes so near the heel of the courtier, he galls his kibe.

William Shakespeare (1564-1616): Hamlet. Act v. Sc. 1.