Careful Words

aid (n.)

aid (v.)

aid (adv.)

aid (adj.)

After the war, aid.—Greek proverb.

Apt alliteration's artful aid.

Charles Churchill (1731-1764): The Prophecy of Famine. Line 86.

Heaven first taught letters for some wretch's aid,

Some banish'd lover, or some captive maid.

Alexander Pope (1688-1744): Eloisa to Abelard. Line 51.

O Music! sphere-descended maid,

Friend of Pleasure, Wisdom's aid!

William Collins (1720-1756): The Passions. Line 95.


Needs not the foreign aid of ornament,

But is when unadorn'd, adorn'd the most.

James Thomson (1700-1748): The Seasons. Autumn. Line 204.