Careful Words

order (n.)

order (v.)

order (adv.)

order (adj.)

The old order changeth, yielding place to new;

And God fulfils himself in many ways,

Lest one good custom should corrupt the world.

Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892): The Passing of Arthur.

  Let all things be done decently and in order.

New Testament: 1 Corinthians xiv. 40.

Order gave each thing view.

William Shakespeare (1564-1616): King Henry VIII. Act i. Sc. 1.

And proud his mistress' order to perform,

Rides in the whirlwind and directs the storm.

Alexander Pope (1688-1744): The Dunciad. Book iii. Line 263.

Not chaos-like together crush'd and bruis'd,

But as the world, harmoniously confus'd,

Where order in variety we see,

And where, though all things differ, all agree.

Alexander Pope (1688-1744): Windsor Forest. Line 13.

Order is Heaven's first law.

Alexander Pope (1688-1744): Essay on Man. Epistle iv. Line 49.

And as an ev'ning dragon came,

Assailant on the perched roosts

And nests in order rang'd

Of tame villatic fowl.

John Milton (1608-1674): Samson Agonistes. Line 1692.

Stand not upon the order of your going,

But go at once.

William Shakespeare (1564-1616): Macbeth. Act iii. Sc. 4.

  Order reigns in Warsaw.

  Set thine house in order.

Old Testament: Isaiah xxxviii. 1.

  "They order," said I, "this matter better in France."

Laurence Sterne (1713-1768): Sentimental Journey. Page 1.

The fear o' hell's a hangman's whip

To haud the wretch in order;

But where ye feel your honour grip,

Let that aye be your border.

Robert Burns (1759-1796): Epistle to a Young Friend.